Malaysian Journal of Microscopy publish articles related to the following disciplines:

● Materials science and engineering: Polymer, Ceramics, Advanced materials, Nanomaterials, Electronic, Metallurgy and Biomaterials.
● Materials for: Energy, Biomedical, Archaeology, Transportation, Electronic devices and Environment.
● Mineral Resources Engineering: mineral processing engineering, mining engineering, geology, environmental engineering.
● Microscopy and spectroscopy used in materials science and engineering.
● Life Sciences and Biology, Animal and human, In vivo and in vitro, Anti-cancer, Anti-atherogenic, Diabetes mellitus, Hypercholesterolemia, Genetic, Immunology, Virology, Wound healing and Stem cells.
● Microscope and assays related to microscopy analysis in Life Science and Biology.

Malaysian Journal of Microscopy accepts the following kinds of manuscripts: 

    1. Original Research Articles
    2. Current Reviews