Monocytic Microparticles (mMP) derived from different monocyte subsets display similar morphology and size

Mohd Nor Ridzuan Abd Mutalib, Siti Zulaiha Marhalim, Nurhidanatasha Abu Bakar, Maryam Azlan

  • Maryam Azlan


Microparticles (MP) derived from monocytes are known as monocytic microparticles (mMP). To date, the morphology of microparticles (MP) derived from different monocyte subsets, CD14+ monocytes and CD16+ monocytes is still unclear. Therefore, the morphology and size of mMP derived from both monocytes were assessed. Monocyte subsets were isolated by immunomagnetic selection followed by lipopolysaccharide stimulation and subsequently mMP were isolated by ultracentrifugation. Our data have shown that mMP appear as a single particle with no variation in size. In conclusion, mMP derived from different monocyte subsets exhibit similar morphology and size despite their antigenic differences.

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