Orthosiphon stamineus: an Outstanding Anti-HHV1 Herb

Nur Suhana Mohamad Ripim, Maizah Mohamed Yatim, Norefrina Shafinaz Md Nor

  • Norefrina Shafinaz Md. Nor


Human Herpesvirus type 1 (HHV1) is one of the most important human virus. The emergence of HHV1 drug resistance has created a barrier for successful treatment of infection and thus necessitate exploration for new anti-infective agent. We have previously explored herb known as Orthosiphon stamineus (OS) and proved OS has virucidal activity against HHV1. The leaves aqueous extract (OSA) of the plant was observed to have detrimental effects on HHV1 envelope rendering the virus inactive. Here, in this present work we observed and explored OSA potential to treat HHV1 by inhibiting the HHV1 replication cycle. Confirmation of the successful treatment was done through Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Observation on the TEM image showed that there was no production of HHV1 virions inside Vero cells after treatment with OSA as compared to non-treated cells. OSA treated cells retained the structure of the healthy cell. Observation of OSA treated cells at different time point showed that minimum of 2 hours treatment successfully reduced HHV1 plaque formation up to 75%. This post infection mechanism could be through the disruptions of HHV1 early replication stage by OSA. Our finding showed that OSA can be developed further as anti-infective agents for HHV-1.

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